“I’m sorry, I don’t have time for you right now,” said to a small child can be just as traumatic as a car crash for an older person.

~Karl Dawson, EFT Master

childhood emotional baggageDid you experience an event, or events, as a child that threw your entire life off track?  

Emotional Baggage, is that heavy weight that you carry from your past that impacts every aspect of your life today; the relationships you have, the jobs/ careers you choose, the friends you make, the money you earn and even the health and wellness that you experience AND most of it comes from our childhood.  Not just for some of us, but for EVERYONE!  

The subconscious fears that keep you from having enough confidence, the feelings of self doubt,  the limiting beliefs, the often invisible self sabotaging behaviors that keep you repeating the same ol’ mistakes and struggles over and over again, and those painful emotional buttons that keep getting pushed when you least expect it.

What if there was a safe and gentle way to unpack that baggage once and for all and lighten your load from the past and transform your future?  

There is!   wpid-wp-1419931403387

Emotional Freedom Technique or more commonly called Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology, like emotional acupuncture without needles.  We use our own fingertips…

If you’ve read tons of self help books and spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in talk therapy (I get it, me too!) and you still FEEL stuck and weighted down by your past but you don’t know exactly why or where else to turn (I completely understand, I felt that way too! ) and you are ready to dive in and get started living Your Strongest Life NOW, you are in the right place!  Please email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com to sign up for your Introductory 1 hour phone session, done from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, TODAY!   Check out the process & experience it for yourself.  Check me out.  See if we are a good fit to work together.  See if the whole thing is a good fit for you for ONLY $75.  

If it’s not a good fit, no problem.  I’m happy to return your money.  Yes, seriously!  It might not be a good fit, it’s not for everyone, and that’s totally fine!  We can part friends.  My only question will be, how could I have made your experience better?  I want to keep growing and keep doing better and better for my clients and your feedback (good or bad) is invaluable.

If it is as good fit and you would like to know more first before diving in, that’s great too!   Just poke your toe into the water, please check out my blog posts www.yourstrongestlife.com/blog and read about What Gwen’s clients are saying... www.yourstrongestlife.com/testimonials/   …and please ask questions

I’ve only just recently come out of the closet as an Inner Child Advocate so to speak, because of my own inner child fears that have been holding me back.  Thanks to EFT I’m feeling safe now so there is sooo much more to share with you.  My goal is to make this a safe and gentle journey for you!  I’ve gotten so many deep feelings of relief, clarity and inner peace from this process for myself that I’d love to help you get there too!

Hugs!    Gwen

Inner Child FEAR is expensive… 

Emotional Freedom is priceless!



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