“I’m sorry, I don’t have time for you right now,”

said to a small child

“can be just as traumatic as a car crash

for an older person.”    

  ~Karl Dawson, EFT Master



Are we a good fit to work together?

Reading the quote at the top of the page… does it instantly take you back to a specific memory of a time long ago when someone important in your life did or said something that felt very traumatic for you as a small child? 

Are you still struggling because even after all the work you’ve done to deal with and heal it (reading hundreds of self help books or spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in talk therapy), you continue to get emotionally triggered, those crazy patterns of self doubt, self sabotage, shame and that underlying feeling of just not being _________ enough keep popping up? 

Do you feel like you’ve come a long way because of all the work you’ve done, and intellectually you feel like you get it, yet the pain keeps rearing it’s ugly head regardless of how hard you try to keep it buried and when triggered it’s still as alive and raw in your body as when it first happened, right?

Do you spend a lot of time trying to self soothe — trying not to FEEL the “sting” of it by over eating, over spending, drinking too much, smoking, drugs, watching too much TV or even working too much?


Did you experience any of the following before the age of 18 and if so are you not only continuing to lug around that heavy emotional baggage but you keep attracting the same type of patterns into your life over and over and over again?

  •  emotional, physical or sexual abuse?

  •  emotional or physical neglect?

  •  witnessing your mom or step mom being treated violently in front of you?

  •  you lost a parent to separation, divorce or death?  Were you adopted?

  • you lived with someone who abused drugs, alcohol or who was depressed?

  • a member of your household was in jail / prison?

  • your family struggled with financial issues (too much, too little or constant fighting over it?)

  • you or a sibling suffered with a birth defect or birth trauma?

  • you, or someone in your household experienced an accident?

  • you experienced problems in school?  (learning disabilities, bullying, you name it.  Kids can be so cruel!)

  • you were forced to be a caregiver of younger siblings at an early age, even though it may have made you feel important at the time, it still took it’s toll?

  • sibling issues:  birth order, rivalry, teasing, and / or competition

  • your parent, caregiver or older siblings were critical/ controlling or demanding?

Have you gotten mad at yourself for not just getting over it and do you have a tendency to emotionally beat your self up?

If you can relate to any of the above and you are ready, once and for all, to get to the heart of the matter and get some REAL relief….  we may be a great fit to work together!


To schedule your one hour introductory phone session done from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office please email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com.  Also remember to ask about the Happiness Guarantee.