Understanding the Wounded Child Archt...

As some of you know, I’ve been working on narrowing my niche for sometime.  I’m feeling wonderful about the work I do as an Inner Child Advocate.  Ever since I read about the Wounded Child archtype in Carolyn Myss’s book Sacred Contracts I felt completely drawn to it.  I AM a wounded child so that’s why I relate to it [...]

EXTRA BONUS – You Can Heal You...

You Can Heal Your Life the movie
You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie  ONLY 10 Days left to watch it for FREE Hi!  I’ve already sent out my newsletter for this week, however, I’d like to share this EXTRA BONUS with you today!   I was sent this link by a friend yesterday who was participating in the Hay House World Summit 2015:  A 20-Day Journey to Self-Discovery, [...]

UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks

money heart
       Are you doing what you love yet           earning less than your potential?     UNBLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks… A few months back I did several UNLOCK Your Invisible Money Blocks teleseminars and it was a big hit!   Now I’m bringing it back as a limited time one-on-one offer.  I invite you to check it out. Are you a women e [...]

Got Shame? Me too! (Good thing, oth...

Got Shame?  Me too!  (Good thing, otherwise we might be sociopaths!)
Dear Friend:  Happy Tuesday!  I hope this note is finding you well.  Today I’d like to share some info on shame. Shame…. Not the thing that most people want to talk about.  And if you ‘re pretty sure that shame doesn’t apply to you, keep reading: that will be cleared up in just a sec. I’ve been reading one of Bre [...]

Childhood Trauma — How is it Af...

Beach Balls -2
Happy Cinco De Mayo Happy Cinco De Mayo!   In celebration of our sister women entrepreneurs around the world making a difference! Make it a wonderful day! Hugs! Gwen = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =           If you could just get out of your own emotional way, you are your own worst enemy. One day, about 14 years ago, sitting in my [...]

Tapping and Venting and Shifting the ...

Friends:  We got on the call and my client, Molly (not her real name) started to complain about her parents, who live in Europe, and that her mom is sick and how her Dad, sister and brother are handling or not handling it.  As she vented for a bit I remembered to have her start tapping while she was venting.  Using tapping while venting is on [...]