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One hour of EFT = 100 hours of talk therapy.

~Alana Frank, EFT Trainer

So you do experience anxiety, stress, or feel the remnants of old fears and phobias…

You get emotionally triggered and feel stuck in some areas of your business or career, your relationships (both personal & professional), your finances or  you experience physical and emotional pain…

You’ve experienced trauma’s in the past (anything that has made you feel helpless, powerless or overwhelmed) and you can’t seem to shake the painful memories and you keep repeating the patterns…

Now’s the time.  You are ready to let that go and move to the next level in your business and your life?


Complimentary 30 minute phone chat …………..……………………….FREE

  • What are you struggling with

  • What solution are you looking for?                                                              

  • Basic overview of EFT & why results are relatively quick & often permanent

  • Q & A

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Introduction to Tapping into Your Strongest Life
1 hour Introductory phone session……………………….ONLY $75   ($ 125 Value)

• Learn the simple mechanics of EFT
• Experience some relief during your first session or your money back (Remember results are as unique as you are)

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Selection of packages to fit your needs



Email me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com to schedule your your complimentary chat or Introductory session.  I look forward to helping you on your journey to emotional freedom!



NOTE Sessions are done via the phone or Skype from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

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