What is EFT?

What is EFT?

What is EFT?  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  or more commonly called Tapping has been compared to emotional acupuncture – without needles.  EFT is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology.   It is a gentle tapping with the tips of your fingers on various acupressure point located on the face and body.

Everything is Energy – including our bodies: Over 70 years ago Einstein taught us that that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. Until recently, however, this idea has been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices it is now becoming more and more accepted and we can see now that this is why EFT often works where nothing else will.

Energy related procedures have now been clinically demonstrated thousands of times to dramatically reduce the “sting” of traumatic memories, grief, anger, phobias and almost any emotional ailment you can name.  Further, it is usually rapid, long lasting and relatively gentle.

According to EFT founder, Gary Craig,  “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

The process of gently tapping on these meridians or body points allows the body’s physical energy system to engage with the subconscious mind and this helps achieve alignment between the two.  EFT works with our natural ‘Mind-Body’ connection.

Stuck, blocked or pent up negative energy in our bodies can be the root cause of all sorts of mental and/or physical problems.  While focusing on a problem or unpleasant emotional “charge” (heart pounding, tightness in chest, lump in throat, etc) while tapping the energy meridian points EFT helps to alleviate, neutralize or clear the energy blocks in the body  associated with the feeling or emotional component.

What is EFT used for?  EFT has been clinically proven to be effective in treating many things that keep us from having happier, healthier lives such as; fear,  rejection, stress, anxiety, worry, depression, insomnia, phobias, anger, grief, guilt, childhood trauma’s (both big “T” and little “t” trauma’s).  Limiting beliefs, low self-esteem/ self worth, critical self talk, self sabotage, emotional eating, addictive behaviors, physical tension & pain, relationship issues, biz/ career issues, money issues and any issues that are keeping you stuck from living Your Strongest Life.

The familiar mantra’s among EFT practitioners are:   “Try it on Everything” and “It often works when Nothing Else Will.”