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Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate 

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Meet Gwen...

What she does best...

"As an Emotional Freedom Coach & Inner Child Advocate

Gwen helps you release emotional wounds from the past, at a core level, so you can live

Your Strongest Life today."  

Group Tapping Inner Child Advocate and E

Tapping is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology.

I use EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or more commonly called tapping.  In our sessions, I help you neutralize pain from the past that’s still haunting you.


This method helps us increase our self confidence, find our voice and take back our power.


And its all at the tip of your own fingers!

       If when you heard that Gwen is an Inner Child Advocate you took a deep breath and said,

                                         "Wow, I’ve been looking for her all of my life!"

                                                          you might be a great fit to work together…

Have you done a lot of personal development work? 

A lot of talk therapy, read a lot of self help books

you’ve come a long way. 

Intellectually you feel like you “get it,” however,

the pain and the "broken record messages"

keep rearing their ugly head?


When you get triggered is it still as alive and raw

in your body as when it first happened?

Are you ready to get out of your own emotional way and

make THE difference you are here to make?  


Have you been trying to live Your Strongest Life for a while

but emotions and limiting beliefs from the past keep holding you back?  


If you answered YES to any of the above, I look forward to helping you!

 I invite you to learn more, emotional freedom is waiting for you!

Coming Soon!


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