The Benefits of Tapping in a Group

Updated: Jul 17

The subconscious mind is always "online" and ready to be triggered instantly for the purpose of protecting us.

Imagine you are across a crowded room when someone mentions the name of your ex, you instantly tune into their conversation don't you? It's not a conscious decision but it happens anyway. The same process is in operation within tapping group sessions, you will pick up whatever matters to you whether or not you are consciously aware of it.

Within a tapping group everyone comes carrying their own emotional baggage with a number of their own psychological or physical aspects for each piece of baggage, or as I like to say, "layers of the onion." In group tapping session I help the volunteer focus on the specific issue that they want to work on, find where they are feeling it in their bodies and give it an intensity number from 0 - 10 (0 = no emotional charge and 10 = a high emotional charge) and I ask everyone else to do the same focusing on their own issues, body location and intensity number.

(NOTE: The good news with tapping is that we don't have to go in and slosh around in the painful story, we simply have to find where we are feeling it in our bodies and focus on it within our own minds while we tap. I've successfully worked with many people who I never knew what their trauma actually was and yet they are able to get some emotional relief!)

As they are tapping along everyone's subconscious takes them to a similar emotional spot in their own story regardless what the volunteers story is about.

The results of the experience is very often what we call  Borrowing Benefits.  Borrowing benefits simply means that watching someone else do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on their own issues, while tapping along with them, can help everyone else reduce the emotional intensity of their own issues.  Their reactions can be totally unrelated and yet the relief is there. 

In addition to Borrowing Benefits, recent research (2020 by Dr Peta Stapleton) shows that group EFT Tapping reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) by 43% in 1 hour. The 2012 study down by Dawson Church was replicated with 1 small difference - they did group EFT rather than individual. The talk therapy group reduced cortisol by 19% and the resting group (who read magazines) increased by 2%!

In Dr Church's original 2012 study, after using EFT with individuals the cortisol level's reduced by 24%.

Amazing how much in common emotionally we all are. The story may be different but the emotions are very similar. The power of the shift seems to be more important than what it is for. Even deeply rooted problems and issues can often be transformed relatively easily and seen in a new light with EFT Tapping.

Some of our issues may be conscious but very often they are buried deeply in our subconscious so we are not even aware of what they really are, and more surprisingly we often have no idea that those specific beliefs are actually the ones that have been running our lives, holding us back and keeping us stuck from living our strongest lives for all these years.

The comment I most often get at the end of a group session is that they can't believe how connected everything and everyone really is!

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