Does Inner Child Work help with Physical Pain?

I woke up the other morning and I the thought that I need to start sharing stories about my tapping sessions was so strong. After almost all of my sessions over the past 12 years I hang up and... want badly to tell someone. WOW! That was so amazing!! You wouldn't believe what we just did!! I don't, of course because I'm a professional and I also value people's privacy, but I sure want to! So what if I could tell the stories in a nutshell and keep them anonymous?

What if I could tell my clients stories in a nutshell and keep them anonymous, is that something you'd like to hear more of? 

I jotted down the overview of one of the sessions that inspired me to think this and asked her if it was ok to share. She was very open to the idea and in fact shared even more to the story since we first hung up!

So I'd love to share an overview of what happened during that session. Please let me know if this is something you'd like to hear more of. I'm also thinking that doing short little videos too might be interesting for you once I'm able to get my technology to a user friendly format.

I worked with a client last week who came to the call with a burning pain in her shoulder. She was almost in tears and she's not someone who is much of a cryer. Her childhood programs told her that it was weak to cry. So I knew it must be horrendously painful for her!

We talked about how tapping can help reduce pain when we focus on the emotional component of it.

We started tapping on the "overwhelming sadness" she was feeling because she and her 11 year old daughter had been having a difficult week. She told me she was at the end of her rope because her daughter had been "so ruthlessly disrespectful, mean and vicious" that she felt so "overwhelmingly sad and disappointed."

As we tapped more, the memory that came up, along with a lot of tears, was of her 8th grade graduation that her mom didn't attend. It was very emotional for her to talk about that, so we kept tapping on what she was feeling and calming her nervous system while she told the story. The school secretary had given her a card, a little gift and a hug and she was upset because even though the school secretary was sooo sweet, she wanted her mom to have been the one to do that for her.

After graduation when her mom and sister came to get her (they had been shopping together vs being at her graduation). When she got in the car her mom was excited to show her what she had gotten. As she was unwrapping it, my client, from her 11 year old perspective got excited and asked, Is it for me for my graduation? Her mom responded, "Well, I guess you can have it if you want it." even though she had bought it for herself. Her stomach dropped and she instantly stuffed the feelings that she didn't matter. The feelings of "overwhelming sadness & disappointment" were the exact same as they were that day at age 11. As far as her body was concerned she was RELIVING those exact same feelings as if she were 11 years old.

What I know to be true after doing it for so long is that she was feeling the "overwhelming sadness and disappointment" from her 8th grade perspective, as an adult. It was a an impossible feeling for her to be able to process from that child's perspective so she stuffed it and it had been buried until she was triggered when her daughter treated her that way.

At the end of the session, after releasing all of that repressed overwhelming sadness and disappointment with the help of calming her nervous system with the tapping she felt much better emotionally. When we checked in to see how her shoulder was feeling, it was physically feeling much better too! I could visibly see how much easier she was moving it around and not sense of tears. I could see and feel that she was in much less pain and she assured me it was true.

What emotional pains are you carrying in your body from childhood causing physical pain and you've tried everything under the sun to help it to feel better except releasing the subconscious emotions that are still buried there?

Life is too short for suffering.

Please let me know how I can help you. Simply go to and the Get Started tab to sign up for your session. Let's get you some relief!



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