FREE Emotional Heal-a-thon Starts Mon Dec 14th at 9am Pacific

Please join us for the FREE Emotional Heal-a-thon starting Mon Dec 14th, with 15 talks focused on transforming your emotions to a healthier place of living going into 2021. I’m the first speaker on the 14th at 9am Pacific /noon Eastern.

The talks will include:

Reiki, Human Design, Breathwork, Essential Oils for Emotions, Energy Work, Inner Child Advocacy, EFT, Shadow Work, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Spiritual Mindset, Wholistic Wellness, Transforming Emotions, Coaching and Parenting Support.

3 talks a day for 5 days will be posted in the group.

All the talks will remain in the group through December 27th at 9pm. After that, the only way to view them is through the VIP Experience.

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