Testimonial: Gwen is a freedom fighter, a modern day Harriet Tubman.

Updated: May 24

After just one short hour session with Gwen, I was able to release a load of crap that I have been carrying around in me for almost 28 years!!! I was so much more present with my son! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. To see that look in my son’s eyes as we played together like, “my mommy LOVES me!!!!” That in and of itself is a miracle because that’s all I wanted him to know but not realizing that I had these subconscious blocks simply not allowing that to be. That session freed us. You saved my family.

I tell my friends that, "Gwen is a freedom fighter, a modern day Harriet Tubman.” She knows where to find those blocks that you just can’t really see going at it alone. She listens attentively to the voice that you can’t hear, that’s hiding from you. She’s been there and done that and really, GENUINELY, wants you to be free. She is an angel with a tool that is spectacular. She knows that the only thing standing in the way of what you want and where you are is a program that can be changed. She is a genius at what she does. I recommend her to all who know that there is more than ‘this’.

Kemba Crawford

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