How Do You Know What to Tap About?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Even when things are going pretty good there always seems to be those nagging little things that keep us off balance, right?  Those things that we are worried about.  Those annoying little things that we complain to our friends about...

Well, that’s EXACTLY what we can tap about!  I believe that we’ve gotten so used to being filled with anxiety and stressed out that we barely even notice it anymore.  In fact, some people even wear it as a badge of honor.  However, it’s doing a lot of damage to our physical and emotional well being!

Many people  tend to associate EFT Tapping with Therapy and feel like they are afraid to check it out because of the shame or embarrassment they feel about what might be uncovered.  Actually, as I tell people all the time, EFT tapping is a bit like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.  It’s become sort of a daily routine for me.  (If not daily, at least several times a week.)   Three minutes here, 5 minutes there, 20 minutes or an hour when I have something to really get to the heart of and clear.

What  are you complaining to your friends about?

What are the conversation topics with your friends filled with?

What are the worries that keep you from a good night sleep?

Are you concerned about a family member, a co-worker or a friend?

Having some problems with your career?

Are you having some health issues that you are a bit nervous about?

What is causing that uneasy feeling in your gut?

What is causing your frequent headaches?

The tenseness in your neck and shoulders?

Would you like to learn how to recognize when you body is in stress and when it’s not, and what to do about it when it is?  Learn how EFT Tapping can be a daily life saver.

Happy Tapping!

Hugs! Gwen

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