Testimonial: I've nicknamed Gwen "Nortie"my own Norton anti-virus

Updated: May 4, 2020

The biggest changes that have happened since working with Gwen is that I have been more comfortable and aware of my own voice and using it to express myself instead of being passive and then complaining because nobody understands me. Gwen has helped me understand in many aspects of my life what had been the true force behind repeated behaviors and it has been liberating! I have been able to forgive myself and value myself more.

Not only have I had the beautiful opportunity to create a new and lasting friendship; Gwen has been an inspiring force and her words stick with me in my daily routine because she is so passionate about helping others. I really trust she cares !!! Her words and understanding leave a lasting imprint in my thought process. I have nicknamed Gwen my Norton anti-virus system because she definitely has debugged my crippling learned thought process!

Working with Gwen will change your perspective on your life and things that have caused you much sorrow. It truly is a magical gift she has been given because she has the ability to guide you to a place you dare not go before without you even realizing your actually going. Her words are raw and genuine which is refreshing . Before you know it you feel uplifted and free from these past hurts that have suppressed your true nature. A round of sessions with Gwen is truely worth the investment.

Gwen is like talking with yourself because you feel so free and comfortable to say anything about anything without judgment . It is a great life experience that can change your whole life experience for good! As a professional in the field of therapy; I highly recommend Gwen.

Angelyna Tate

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