Testimonial: In 60 short minutes. Discovery that thousands of talk therapy hrs never came close to.

Updated: May 24, 2020

Just finished an awesome tapping session, my third session with Gwen.

It is amazing to me how my fears from childhood, my parents’ divorce, my mother’s toxic words have imprinted me and continued to hold me hostage throughout my life.

I have my entire life searched for a place that I would belong. Gwen and I, in one hour of tapping, discovered why I hold people at arms length. Why I had continually searched for my place to feel that I belong.

In 60 short minutes. A revelation came so clear to me…. A discovery that thousands of talk therapy hours never came close to.

Emotional Freedom Tapping provides a healing in a few hours that years of therapy never scratched!! I believe that what Gwen has to share is a gift, I am so grateful that she has followed her heart and her gut to share this gift. Got Fear??  Get Gwen!!”

~Holly Anderson
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