Money Messages #3 of 6: Transform Your Subconscious Money Messages with Gitta

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

3rd Session:

Gitta’s initial comments during the 3rd session was that last week "was a mega-intense session with the little girl in the suit of armor." Gwen had sent me, in the wake of our last session, a picture of a little girl in a suit of armor. I’d just wanted to tell her how the image had resonated with me, but I burst into tears and with Gwen’s intuitive and skilled guidance I spiraled down the years to 5 year old, saying to my Mom in my little-girl voice…

“It doesn’t matter, don’t worry…” and Gwen completed it for me: I can take it, I’ll do it, I can manage it, it’s all right – I’ll take the responsibility so that it’ll be all right.
And I’ve been doing that ever since: "here I am, load me up, give me your inability to cope and let me do it for you. Emotionally, financially, practically, in any possible way."

The pay-off for me was:

a) as a small child, I had a new role within my family after being usurped by my new and ill brother; and

b) to this day it keeps me from having to sort out my own stuff.

I’ve loaded myself up to the hilt with responsibility, clutter, work I’ve not a clue how to do, on behalf of not just me but also those around me who “can’t cope”. Like a red line all the way down my life: RESCUER AND CARRIER OF OTHER PEOPLE’S BURDENS. I’ve tapped on this before, but on my own I automatically shut down before it gets really scary.

We tapped and tapped and tapped, Gwen providing the words, me adding to it where required. Gwen devised an ingenious solution for my need for protection AND freedom: take the suit of armor off and hang it in the wardrobe, you can put it back on any time. However, when it came time to do that it didn't fit anymore because I had outgrown it:  it had kept me little for all those years...

By the end of the session I felt softer and less held in, and a lot clearer and calmer.”

We are a product of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.



PS. Next week hear about Gitta’s Ah-Ha moments in her 3rd Session…

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