Money Messages #4 of 6: Transform Your Subconscious Money Messages with Gitta

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Session 4

This week we started her session by tapping on the vulnerability that she felt when she is “out there” as herself.  Then what popped up for her was...

She wrote, “We tapped on the vulnerability I feel when I’m “out there” as just me, and an old nightmare re-appeared that had dogged my sleep from small child into my thirties, only this time I suddenly knew “that’s not my stuff” and realized I was carrying someone else’s unfinished experience and we tapped on my remaining need to carry other people’s burdens until it was gone.

We also tapped on my fears in connection with me going “live” as a shamanic practitioner. What if I’m not good enough, what if I can’t help others, what if this isn’t what I’m for after all – at which point the great black hole appeared: if not this, then what?? Fear, Fear, Fear.

Tapping to Gwen’s intuitive words, chasing the physical expressions of this “fear” around my body and finally coming to a point of peace – all of it enabled me to let go of most of this fear (from off-the-chart 10+ to maybe a 2), and helped me realize that at my core I do know who I am.

By the end of our session I felt as though a great weight had peeled off me, so much calmer, so much more able to stride out: I AM good enough – I AM this.

I love when this type of thing happens with my clients. Emotional Freedom IS priceless!



PS Check in with me next week for Gitta's 5th session...

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