Ready to Start Shaping Your New Normal for 2021? Special offer...

"If Nothing's for Sure, Everything is Possible." I've had this quote hanging on my home office wall for years and it seems to apply now more than ever.

2020 has been a pretty rough year for many of us. With the COVID pandemic and everything that surrounds that, racial unrest, intensified political division, economic insecurity and the list goes on and on... causing a lot of anxiety, stress and fear.

Do you want to carry the anxiety, stress and fear that you've been feeling from 2020 into 2021 with you? We can't change what is happening in our world overnight, but we CAN change how we are emotionally responding to it.

Mindset is everything. With Your Strongest Life emotional freedom coaching you can release the anxiety, stress and fear you've been carrying at a core level. When we are able to release those emotions that may not be serving us anymore and calm our nervous system we are able to think more clearly and see possibilities where we saw none before.

Did you know that historically during times of crisis is when the most innovative ideas are born? According to an article by Larry Clark at Harvard Business dot org, early in the year "solving problems is at the heart of innovation." Driven by the intensity of human desire to help, connect with others and be a part of the solution, "crisis presents us with unique conditions that allow innovators to think and move more freely to create rapid, impactful change." Four of the key shifts that occur during a crisis that foster the conditions for new thinking and doing are:

  • Uniting around a purpose

  • Seeing the current systems differently

  • Creating more flexibility

  • Creating a bias toward action

It's true, when nothing's for sure, everything IS possible. To honor that philosophy, I would like to offer you a special limited offer....

Special Offer: I invite you to join me between now and Dec 31st for some Emotional Freedom. The first 8 people to sign up for a 1 hour Your Strongest Life single Zoom session (includes an Intro session for new people if you are new to tapping, you'd like to invite someone new or give someone a gift), for ONLY $125 and get a 2nd session for FREE. Two sessions for the price of one. Only 8 slots available on a first come first served basis so if interested please act quickly.

To Register:

Click HERE for one-to-one session.

Click HERE for Intro session for new people. Includes a brief questionnaire.

How would you like your NEW NORMAL in 2021 to look and feel? Calmer, more hopeful with more possibilities? Wonderful, let's do it!

Anxiety, stress and fear are expensive... Emotional Freedom is priceless!



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