Testimonial: At the end of every session I am more peaceful in my heart.

Gwen takes the adult in pain and re- introduces them to the injured inner child they had forgotten they ever were.

She does it with such compassion, love and understanding that it has made me feel safe every step of the way. Anytime I have not know where to start she reassures me and guides me with an innate intuition as to where I need to enquire.

Every time I've thought it might be too general a start she uncovers, without ever leading or instigating a false agenda, a real specific need that my grown up/ conditioned adult mind could not see, yet my inner child was crying out desperately to have acknowledge.

Gwen has a genius skill, on a level that only comes from true compassion, true professionalism and true dedication to her life calling to heal other's hurt. She is generous with her time, thorough in her care and warm and giving in her approach. At the end of every session I know I am somehow more whole in myself and more peaceful in my heart. I thank you and love you for it. đź’•

~Kate Bailey

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