Testimonial: Damages I thought were permanent, I have realized through EFT, are not.

Updated: May 24, 2020

Gwen and EFT has changed my life, not just in the present, but in the future as well.

Damages I thought were permanent I have realized, through EFT, are not. I was diagnosed with PTSD, by not being in the military, but by going through a life time of tragic events. I only knew of western medicine and counselors, but with all of these things combined, Gwen & EFT continues to help me more than anything else.

Gwen is able to pin point moments and feelings just by listening to me. Not in the “how are you doing way”, but “how are you REALLY doing way.” Gwen cares enough to take the time to not just listen, but to hear you. The first few sessions with her, I was reserved in opening up and letting my walls down. I soon realized she is genuine, she is not being paid to sit and nod her head in agreement, she does it because she truly wants to help.

I have referred friends and co-workers to Gwen. When I do; I tell them how much she has helped me over my counseling. I explain to my friends how after I get done meeting with her I feel instant relief.

There are days I walk in and out of my counselor’s officer more confused and hurt than when I walked in. I can honestly say I have never had that experience in a session with Gwen. I always feel better about myself, about my life’s accomplishments, about my personal goals in life, and what I face every day. I would hate to imagine where I would be without Gwen & EFT.

~Sharon Osborne

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