Testimonial: "EFT, the Express Lane to Freedom."

“My experience with the Transform Your Subconscious Money Messages 8 week group was fantastic! Gwen is so effective at creating a safe space for 8 strangers to embark on a pretty vulnerable experience.  

From the first tapping session, it was obvious that Gwen’s description of “borrowing benefits” was being realized by the group. Each session allowed for full participation, as we were afforded the time to share openly about what was coming up for each of us.

The surprise element for me was being able to identify with other’s money blocks and feeling like I wasn’t alone in my own stuckness. I can see why people would want to continue private sessions with Gwen. 

Shout out to Gwen for being aware of everyone’s needs, her discernment when she felt someone needed a little nudge to share, and for communicating thoroughly to the group throughout the entire program."

~Joe Atalig

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