Testimonial: Gwen is like a stick of dynamite that blows the doors off of your personal prisons!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

As an Emotional Freedom Coach, Gwen is like a little stick of dynamite that blows the doors off of some of your personal prisons!

After just two sessions with Gwen, I had an incredible ‘breakthrough’ moment that completely changed the way I run my business!

Gwen helped me realize at a core level that, not only was I holding myself to an impossible standard (I had to be better, faster, stronger and work more than anyone else)… but she also helped me understand that ‘I’ was the only one expecting me to do that. 

Now instead of working 12 hours a day – and feeling like a hamster on a wheel – I’m having fun again. I have found balance in my personal and business life, and am spending quality time with my kids, my husband and my friends.”

Cheryl Antier

Writer & CEO , Dream Weaver Enterprises (France)

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