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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

"I discovered Gwen on Facebook when she had posted a video about her own inner child wounds. Below the video, in the comments, one of her clients raved about her work, which convinced me to reach out to her to see if she could help me with my inner child issues, which had become more and more pronounced in my life.

As soon as we connected, I was hooked, as Gwen is so authentic, open and intuitive. I loved her vibe and her technique. I’ve done tapping in my life, but never focused on my inner child issues, which all stem from me being given up for adoption at birth.

After working with Gwen, I feel like a totally different person! I feel more whole, healed and capable of recognizing when my inner child wounds are triggering me, and how I can call on my adult self to step in and take charge. What a relief! Thank you, Gwen! You truly are an angel on earth.

Transform Your Subconscious Money Messages

When I started working with Gwen around my money issues, I was in a state of constant turmoil. I was raised with a lack mentality as my parents were brought up during the time of the Great Depression, so their perception of money was to never spend it (my mom) or to hoard it (my dad).

Due to the death of my husband, I received a substantial inheritance, which to most people would set them free, however, I felt a lot of guilt, shame and resistance to being able to embrace the financial freedom that this gift afforded me. Thanks to working with Gwen, and using her tapping techniques,

I’ve been able to see that money is energy, and that it is merely a means of exchange for goods and services. Any and all meaning we give it beyond that is purely our own doing. I still struggle on some days, yet now I have the tools and the knowledge of how to recognize my “story” and tap my way through it. What a relief!

Lisa Jones, Author, Speaker and Podcast Host

Art of Living Happy After the Loss of a Loved One,

Exploring Death Podcast www.ExploringDeath.com and co-host of The Real Ones

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