Testimonial: I have noticed HUGE changes & my self confidence is growing in ways I had only dreamed

Wow. Just wow. I'd heard of tapping but didn’t partake initially as I thought it sounded weird and didn’t think tapping on my head would do a thing.  My boss asked me to give it a try, so I finally did.

So beyond thankful. It has been a few weeks since I completed my 8 weeks of weekly tapping. I have noticed HUGE changes and so have others.  My self confidence is growing in ways I had only hoped and dreamed.

I have my own business and I want it to grow, but I have been so insecure about my abilities. Through tapping with Gwen we worked through some of those roots of insecurity and I now have such FREEDOM. I have so much more confidence when it comes to dealing with conflict as well. I would shy away from any kind of conflict as I was always worried about what the other person might say and then I wouldn't know what to say. Not that I look for conflict at all now, but if someone says something to me that I disagree with, I now feel confident enough to say something, without hyperventilating.

I also teach classes. I used to be so nervous before teaching, so nervous that I couldn’t even think straight. Now, after tapping, I have so much more peace before and during a class. I feel so much more confident in my abilities.

What a blessing Gwen and tapping is in my life. I was amazed at how simple, yet completely effective, tapping is.  I have done counseling in the past, but it was so much harder and so much more work than tapping and a lot less effective.

If you’re considering tapping. Please give it a try, it will change your life.

~Malory Stickles

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