Testimonial: I now know how it feels to discuss money without stress, fear and judgment.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

“I started working with Gwen to Transform my Subconscious Money Messages in January of 2019, and completed two full rounds (16 sessions) of the program.

When I first started, I felt unsure about how much I wanted to earn, how I could possibly manage that, and a whole host of other stressors about my own relationship with my earnings and background as a money managing human being. Working in direct sales, I knew something was “off” but always thought it was my business formula or process. Money makes the world go round, right? So If I couldn’t manage it, how could I make MY world go round.

After 16 consecutive sessions with Gwen,

my whole relationship with money, as well as my business has shifted in a very significant way. 

Our last session was very near tax time for me. As an independent representative for a direct sales company, filing taxes involves lots of receipts, tracking past expenses, and justifying those things as part of my business or not. In the past, just thinking about this would send me spinning into a swirl of panic and anxiety.

This year, I was able to generate the numbers I needed to show my husband for the filing of our taxes, discuss what I spent in a logical, calm way, and all-in-all have a positive experience with the process.

I now know how it feels to discuss money without stress, without the fear and judgment.

I pride myself on having an abundance mentality, but the truth is I “tapped” myself into that. Before that, I was in that “fake it til you make it” sort of place. Now, my inner child feels supported, capable and worthy of all the abundance I truly call into existence.

I can’t ever thank Gwen enough for all this has done for me and my business.

By the way, March was the highest earnings I’ve ever had in a single month! (each month has grown, but March was HUGE.) If you are wondering if this work is for you, the short answer is YES.

If you aren’t sure EFT is a “real” thing, think again. Gwen is nurturing, supportive, and makes you feel safe to not only share the emotions but the stories that are revealing themselves. She creates a space where your inner child feels heard and validated while you release those feelings and old stories to make room for the new patterns you are creating as an adult.

Thank you, Gwen and little Gwennie. Myself and little Amy look forward to more shifts and abundance.

Amy Guthrie

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