Testimonial: I thought it was weird and wouldn't really work.

I want to highly recommend Gwen as a EFT practitioner.

I had heard about EFT before and it never felt like something I wanted to try. To be honest I thought it was weird and wouldn't really work.

I recently accidentally ended up in a Facebook group made by Gwen. I thought it was another group at first. In this group we did a 3 day challenge about getting out of your emotional way. The challenge blew me away. I actually learned what I am here to do and which broken record record messages from my youth where playing in my head, preventing me from moving forward.

In the group, Gwen did some EFT demo's by live video. I volunteered to try it. For me feeling was unsafe in my experience. Due to upbringing and traumas that happened after. It was my strongest block. We did the session live, and I didn't know what to expect.

Really strong feelings and real panic came up, and shame and fear for showing it.

One thing happened that I couldn't predict in advance. I started to really feel again. I didn't realize I couldn't really connect to my feelings before. And what that did for me. I could finally process a lot of hurt and trauma from my past. I could not before because of fear of feeling and being hurt and rejected by feeling bad. That is huge. As I was stuck for so long.

After that she also sent me a personalized text I could use at home with tapping that had to do with having to do stuff even though I am exhausted. An other huge thing for me. I did it 20 times and so much feelings came up. And this morning I did it again and I didn't feel that strong reaction anymore. And this has been a really big one for me before.

So I was a sceptical, but I found out it actually works. Also I want to mention Gwen is a very compassionate , intuitive and passionate woman that really is in to make a difference.”

~Froan Verheijden

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