Testimonial: "Letting Go of the Fear of Letting Go" of Smoking (& a money issue popped up!)

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I participated in an 8 week tapping (EFT) emotional freedom technique group with Gwen called Girls on Fire.

The following was the testimonial I gave after the first session:

Tonight was night 1 of eight.

I have to say this tapping with like minded people is exactly what the doctor ordered so to speak. Tonight I was in the hot seat, what that means is, the others in the group watch as Gwen guides me through the session, one feeling at a time.

The subtitle we gave this group is "Letting go of the fear of letting go". This particular group of people are dealing with the addiction to tobacco. However, that said, we don't always "tap" or discuss smoking in particular as there are many aspects to all addictions.

Tonight It happened to be about money. I had an incident where I came into some money a number of years ago and I simply spent it like there was no tomorrow, I have no conscious memory of what all I did with that lump sum of money, I just know I was feeling terribly guilty for not being more responsible with it.

Through this tapping session I came to know a lot more about how I was secretly really beating myself up over it for all these years and was able to release most of the negative emotional energy attached to me surrounding my perceived inability to handle money "properly".

The other people in the group got to tap along with us and get what we call "borrowing benefits". They all expressed they had a situation that were a lot like mine, so we all were able to release some or most of the negative emotional energy regarding how we handle money, which is tied to cigarettes -- and as you know everything is connected... so no surprise that we found ourselves in a place where we could truly Identify with each other on an emotional level, which is allowing healing to take place around our addiction and helping release our money blocks at the same time. We call that a win-win-win-win...… Winning all around!

Thank you Gwen for helping to make a profound difference in our lives. We deeply and completely appreciate you! Spectacular!

~Danita Banko

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