Testimonial: My therapist threw up her hands & now I'm walking a path I didn't think was possible...

I had been talking with my friend about our similar up-bringing for quite sometime. I told her that even though I hold it together I'm still very mad and I fight it constantly. I went to 10 years of therapy and I still don't feel like it's worked for my anger issues. When my therapist basically threw up her hands at me it was quite defeating.

My friend told me that her friend does tapping which helps with past emotional trauma, it's a different kind of therapy. I was open because my therapist had told me that, "I had already unpacked all of my past trauma and that I just needed to choose to let it go." That was after I asked if I should go to anger management because I was still so mad inside.

With Gwen and EFT Tapping, it’s only been 7 months and I can’t believe how things in my life have changed. With her help I discovered that I was taught from birth that the only acceptable emotion to show, was anger. I have been able to comfort my children in a way that I have’t been able to before (both of them have emotional special needs).

Finding someone to walk with you through extreme traumatic moments in your life. Someone who cares and shows such deep compassion, someone who is trustworthy and real, is truly finding a gem.

Being able to get to the core of the trauma and clear and release those feelings has let me move forward in my life in a way that I was unable to do previously.

With Gwen and EFT I'm now walking on a path of emotional freedom that I really didn't think was possible. Gwen is truly a gem..

Gwen is truly a gem.

~Kelly Brooks

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