Testimonial: Working w/ Gwen has been so effective that in a few months my income has increased 67%!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

These thoughts were based on my father taking a promotion (that gave him a raise) when I was very young and caused us to move away from our family to a new area where I didn’t know anyone and felt like an outcast.

In my subconscious mind I believed money removed security and meant I would be forced into situations I wouldn’t want. 

Based on that, every time I would attempt to make more money, I would sabotage my efforts to avoid having change occur, which resulted in me constantly fighting against myself.

After the very first session with Gwen I had significant mental shifts that immediately changed my feelings about money and released the blocks.

Working with her has been so effective that in just a couple of months I have increased my income by 67%!

Gwen is masterful in her tapping technique, getting to the root of the cause and removing those money blocks. I finally know what it means to really feel financially free.”

Karen Graves

Marketing Your Genius

PS. If you are interested in working on healing your money story please ask about the Transform Your Subconscious Money Messages package.

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