ZOOM into Your Strongest Life Group Tapping

The Emotional Side of Weight Loss Surgery

Join us for a one hour Zoom Tapping Group, Monday, January 1st at 11am – Pacific Time, USA.  The group is held online in a safe, engaging and easy to attend format.  Only $25.

You will experience:

  • How to do basic EFT tapping.

  • Volunteer to tap on your own specific issues

  • Get “borrowing benefits” from tapping along with the volunteers.

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EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping

A combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology, like emotional acupuncture without needles.

Zoom is a great way to get to know what tapping is all about! 


Try it out in a group setting and we’re sure you’ll want to dive into a personal session. 


Tapping is your key to a future of freedom!




Hugs! Gwen



 Contact me at gwen@yourstrongestlife.com


PS: Please invite your friends.  It’s amazing how many of our friends have similar blocks as we do — different events same emotions.

Click the Register button to sign up and pay for the $25, for this Zoom Tapping Session with Gwen Orwiler.

After you’ve paid for the session you will get an email with the code and instructions on how to log into the group session.